Best Management Practices Video

ADEQ BMP Video, 19 minutes.  

In 2004, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) made a film for use at ADEQ Grant Workshops to describe BMP's recommended in the Nutrioso Creek TMDL For Turbidity Report (2000, ADEQ), and implemented by Jim Crosswhite on the EC Bar Ranch to improve water quality and aquatic/wildlife habitat, that led the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2009 to the remove 15 miles of Nutrioso Creek from the Clean Water Act as an impaired waterbody, the first instance where an impaired waterbody has been delisted due to mitigation in Arizona or the Southwest. Nutrioso Creek is the only "recovered waterbody" in the entire country with habitat for federally listed endangered species (Little Colorado spinedace, Southwestern willow flycatcher, New Mexico meadow jumping mouse) and Sensitive: State Wildlife Action Plan Tier 1 species (Bluehead sucker and Speckled dace) protected by a conservation easement.

Preview the 19 minute film in 40 seconds    

EPA Flyover Video, 3 minutes.

This video was made by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and included on their website at , to help describe how the Nutrioso Creek Watershed was improved through the Clean Water Act, state and federal government actions, and landowner implementation.

View a 90 second film illustrating support for conservation projects in the White Mountains of Arizona

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