EC Bar Ranch Conservation Projects

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Field Trips

June 1998 NRCS workshop
April 1999 ULCR watershed and group tour
September 2000 ADEQ and EPA field trip
February 2001 The Nature Conservancy tour
November 2001 Riparian restoration workshop tour
March 26 2002 LCR-MOM watershed tour
April 19 2002 ADEQ water quality monitoring workshop
June 7 2002 ADEQ Year of Clean Water Celebration
April 10 2003 Student Tour
July 16 2005 Upper Eagle Creek Watershead group
October 1 2005 AZ Riparian Council


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EC Bar Ranch, Nutrioso, AZ -

Group workshops are held at the EC Bar Ranch on the 15th of each month to demonstrate conservation practices. For further information please complete this form.

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