Directions to EC Bar Ranch
Jim Crosswhite, owner
House #20 County Road 2112
PO Box 44
Nutrioso, AZ 85932
(928) 339-4840
(no cell phone service in Nutrioso)


Directions from Springerville: At traffic light on Hwy 60 in Springerville (McDonalds), go a few blocks east past Circle K. Turn right (south) on Hwy 180/191 toward Alpine. At mile marker 415 (15 miles from Springerville and 2 miles before Nutrioso), look right (west) to see barn with rusty silver roof and two story house. Proceed 1/2 mile south on Hwy 180 and turn right (west) onto County Road 2112 (chip sealed). Go 1/8 th mile from Hwy, and past EC Bar Ranch Road, to white pipe fence and sign: "EC Bar Ranch #20". Turn right across cattle guard and follow driveway past the barn to the 2-story house north of the barn.  GPS location:  N33 58.4602 W10912.1182

Red crosses mark the Ranch



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