1974 John Deere Tractor, Model 4430, 125 HP, purchased 2002 from Dealer with new loader and tires. Serial 4430W-035407R.  Loader lifts approx 2500 lbs, quick change loader to change bucket or forks. Total hours estimated at 10,000 hours, with less than 2,000 hours since 2004 transmission overhaul including new brakes and rebuilt 3-point. Motor starts and runs good. Stored inside. Primary uses since 2002 have been lifting, fertilizing, mowing, but no plowing. Hour meter and lights do not work. Tractor weights available, but cant be used with loader. Shop manual. Serviced and maintained. See Service Records

You Tube Videos
 Video 1   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMZyqaafV08
Video 2    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byAskWqhcwk&feature=player_detailpage


03-08092200018 04-08092200020
01-01032008006 02-01032008007
09-Connect4 10-LeftSideFrkMwr
11-RightSideBktMowr 12-08092200019
18-01032008001 14-ParkInside
16-BackMower 13-FrontBucket
15-01032008005 17-Forks
31-Gauges 32-Shift
33-Cab 34-01032008008
35-01032008009 36-Serial1
37-Serial2 21-PIC00018
20-PIC00025 22-PIC00020
26-PIC00024 23-PIC00023
24-PIC00021 25-NFWFcw8
27-PIC00012 28-0404200325
29-Lift1 30-Lift2
05-Connect1 06-Connect2
07-Connect3 08-LeftSideBktMowr


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